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“Knowledgable and helpful”, “Even better than expected”, “Cost-effective”, “Professional service”

These phrases all appear time and time again in our testimonials. Why? Because we listen to our customers and create websites they want. We can even design matching brochures and stationery to add strength to your branding.

A promise of

ongoing support

Need some help with your website, don't worry we are only a phone call or email away. At Upshot Media, we offer adhoc support or monthly support packages for those that need regular assistance. Every business is different, therefore, we can offer advice on the best support package for your business.

We put you firmly

in the driving seat

Whether you need a single-page brochure site, a multi-product ecommerce website or a booking system, all of our websites come with a content management system, giving you full control over editing your own website pages, images and content.

Our 9 step website design process

Upshot Media will involve you in every stage of the design process

Setting Goals and Objectives

What do you want your internet presence to do for you? Is your business selling products or taking online bookings, maybe you are a charity trying to raise money?

Understanding what you need from a website is the first step in developing the right solution for you.

Define your audience

Who do you want your website to appeal to? Little details like this help us to get the design right from the outset. For example, a hotel website wishing to attract “well heeled” tourists would have a very different style to a budget B&B appealing to backpackers.

Describe your preferred style

Do you like clean lines with plenty of white space and high quality graphics? Would you prefer to see more details on the screen? What colours do you like or dislike? How do you want your organisation portrayed?

The design brief

Once we have gathered all the information through steps 1 to 3, we will send a design brief. This will include some of the information already discussed with some additional questions, such as 'example websites that you like and don’t like'. The design brief enables our design team to pull together the first draft for discussion.

The design draft

Using all the information you’ve given us so far, our design team will produce a skeleton website for you so that you can see the layout, the colour schemes and the graphics for yourself.

If you are having an ecommerce site, you’ll also be able to see the shopping facility through your customers’ eyes.

This first draft gives you the opportunity to tell us what you do and don’t like. Your feedback at this point is crucial.

Finalising the design

Any changes you have asked for will be made and the second draft will be sent back to you for approval. When you are completely happy, we move on to step 7.

Programming and Developing

Once the design and functionality has been approved, our programmers get to work building the whole site and connecting all of the pieces together. The graphics, the text, the pages, the shop, products, payment portals (if you’re having an ecommerce site) and most importantly of all the content management system so that you can manage the site going forward.

At the end of step 7 your site will be fully functional and ready to publish.

Testing and Troubleshooting

Before the site goes “live”, we will ask you to help us test all of the website functionality and you can give us your final feedback.


Your site will go live and you will be given access to your Content Management System. We will give you training on how to use the system. Don’t worry about remembering everything, we are only a call or email away. We also provide short guides and various how to videos within a secret Facebook group, where you can also ask questions.

Passionate about

what we do

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your new website evolve from an idea into a fully functional solution.

If you're thinking about a new website, or your existing website needs a re-vamp, get in touch with us for a FREE no obligation chat.
“We're so pleased with the new IMDT website and the 'backend' admin side is perfectly customised for us. If ANYONE here is even considering a new website, I highly recommend Stuart Reed, the brains behind our IMDT site! On every single step of the design, build and tweak, Stuart would respond to our question instantly, that’s pretty cool. Like it or not, a decent website is essential to get across your message and if you're gonna do it (and you will!), do it once and do it properly!”
Steve Mann, IMDT
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