Copywriting Services

"That which is written to please the writer rarely pleases the reader."
It is often said that the hardest thing to write about is yourself, or perhaps your own company.  That’s where our professional copywriting services come in.
We can all get pretty impatient sometimes, having to trawl through reams of badly worded text to find the information we need.  And so will your prospective customers. 
More often, the difference between a website that attracts enquiries and one that doesn’t is the words.  Good writing has the power to inform and the power to persuade.
It’s said you have just 8 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your site.  In those 8 seconds you need to concisely answer three very important questions:
  • Who are you?
  • What do you do (and for whom)?
  • What makes you different?
Keep it simple. Get to the point.  Cut the waffle.  Use short sentences and everyday words, and have a clear structure.  Include a clear call to action (call us now 01353 640003!)
That’s why Upshot Media offers a professional copywriting service.  While many web design companies overlook the importance of the written word, we recognise that it’s too important to be left to chance. 
To see the difference a professional copyrighter can make to call us now on 01353 640003 or email [email protected]