Reasons Your Website Needs Video

15/02/2024 - SEO

Reasons Your Website Needs Video (and How It Can Help You Create Profitable Online Courses!)
Let's face it, text-heavy websites are a snoozefest.  In today's fast-paced world, people crave engaging content that's easy to digest and remember. That's where video comes in, like a superhero swooping in to save your website from yawn-ville!
Here are a few reasons why embedding video into your website is a genius move:

  1. Boost Engagement & Conversions: Videos capture attention and keep visitors glued to your site. This can lead to higher engagement, longer dwell times, and ultimately, more conversions (think sales or sign-ups!).
  2. Explain Complex Things Simply: Sometimes, text just doesn't cut it. Videos can break down complex concepts into bite-sized chunks, making them easier to understand and remember. This is especially helpful for online courses!
  3. Build Trust & Credibility: Seeing is believing, right? Videos humanise your brand and allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level. This builds trust and credibility, which can make all the difference in a competitive market.
  4. Repurpose Content for Multiple Platforms: Create one video, reap the benefits everywhere! You can easily share your video content on social media, and within your email newsletters. Multitasking at its finest!
Bonus Tip: Did you know that online courses are a booming business?  By creating and selling online courses, you can share your expertise, build a loyal following, and generate recurring income.

Here's how video can help you skyrocket your online course profits:

  • Showcase your teaching style: Use video trailers to give potential students a taste of your personality and teaching approach.
  • Break down complex topics: Break down your course content into digestible video modules that students can easily understand and follow.
  • Add a personal touch: Include video introductions, Q&A sessions, and bonus content to keep your students engaged and coming back for more.
  • Promote your course: Use video ads and social media marketing to reach a wider audience and attract new students.
But wait, there's more! Don't forget to nurture your relationship with your customers even after they've bought your course. Send them follow-up emails with video tips, bonus resources, and invitations to join your community. This will keep them engaged and coming back for more (and maybe even buying your next course!).
So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the power of video and transform your website into an engagement machine! And if you're thinking about creating online courses, remember, video is your secret weapon for success.

How To Embed Video Into Your Website

Upshot Media offers several options for embedding Vimeo videos into your website.
  1. Video is available to all website visitors - ideal for showcasing your products and services and humanising your business. Let visitors see your face, hear your voice and view your premises to get a true taste of what your business is all about.
  2. Video is only available to a limited audience. Perhaps you want to follow up your in-person classes or meetings with video that’s been carefully tailored to a specific audience. Maybe you want to send reminder of the techniques used in class, or need to illustrate the points raised in a meeting.
  3. Video only visible to subscribers. Do you offer online courses? It makes no sense to have the course content available for everyone to view for free and so embedding video behind a subscription login is a logical thing to do. You can even ‘release’ the video in a specific order.

Integrating your website with Vimeo and setting up the platform is just one of the services available from Upshot Media. We do all of the hard work and the tech stuff so that you can upload video content with the greatest of ease. And of course, we offer full support for the entire time your website is in our care.
Call or email for more information.

In the meantime, why not take a look at some examples of websites we’ve already integrated with.

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