Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is essentially a way of creating a virtual sales force who are rewarded for their efforts by receiving commission when they make a sale.   An Affiliate would have a website where they promote your products, they market this website and then direct their visitors from their own website to your website where the sale takes place. Tracking code is used behind the scenes which tracks the visitor from one site to another and any sales that take place in order to know who to allocate any commission too.

How can Affiliate Marketing help your business?

Affiliate Marketing has been around for many years and has proved to be a very cost effective way of increasing sales and growing your customer base.  It is cost effective as you only pay for a sale or lead and not for traffic.  There are thousands of affiliates, large and small, niche and broad, they range from voucher code websites to cash back or blogs discussing specific interests such as sport or dog products.
Our Affiliate Marketing Service

Providing an Affiliate Management service to eCommerce retailers we bring together affiliates and merchants, advertisers and publishers.

With years of experience as an affiliate and managing merchants/retailers affiliate programs, we have the contacts, relationships and knowledge to help you increase your online sales.

Whether you are an existing retailer or new start-up, our Affiliate Management service has been designed to offer the best advice.


Do you want to increase your sales and profitability?

Upshot media Ltd can help increase your online sales via affiliate programme management.  We’ll take away the headache of setting-up and managing an affiliate programme 

What we’ll do for you

  • Announce you to our affiliate contacts
  • Monitor all aspects of your program to ensure everything is working correctly
  • Vet and process all affiliate applications
  • Monitor all affiliate activity and sales on a daily basis
  • Communicate with your affiliates
  • Undertake a continuous program of targeted affiliate recruitment
  • Incentivise and motivate your existing affiliates
  • Iidentify and work more closely with leading affiliates to increase sales
  • Protect your online brand, including daily brand bidding checks
  • Provide end of month reporting on all affiliate activity which can be tailored to your requirements
  • Recommend new creative and work with you to decide on the best promotions and offers for affiliates
  • Work with you to increase conversions