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All companies are different and your website design should reflect that, a good design can be very powerful in terms of converting those visitors into customers, leads, opportunities etc.   Your company website is your shop window, even if not directly selling products, it can give people a perception of your business the minute they find your website.

Some people prefer visual, some people like to read lots of information and getting the balance right can be tricky, we can help.  Anyone who finds your website will probably subconsciously make assumptions before they click anything, read more than a few words or make contact.

Upshot Media based in Sudbury Suffolk and Ely Cambridgeshire, specialise in Website Design and Development, anything from a Single Page Website to Database Driven Websites, Affiliate Based Websites, eCommerce, Blogs, Forums, Newsletter Subscriptions and Content Management Systems.  

Our team will take the time to speak with you about your business and also any ideas / likes or dislikes you have when it comes to design.  This maybe be as simple as you don't like red or you want to include blue and grey, or it could be very specific.  We have a mix of clients, some have very specific ideas which we can work with and some come to us with a blank canvas and leave most of the ideas up to us!

Whether you are looking for a couple of pages, a small brochure website, an eCommerce site or something totally off the wall, we have the design and development team to work with you.

We have carefully selected partners that offer value added services which complement our design and development.  This can sometimes include using graphic designers to work with our own internal design team, these graphic designers can put a spin or different flare on our design ideas.
Your New Company Website

Everything you need to get your Company online can be provided by Upshot Media Ltd. From the design and development of your website, to registering your Domain Name and even Hosting your website, all at very competitive prices.

Design and Technology

All of our websites are designed and developed using the latest development technology including XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. We also develop all sites to ensure they validate and meet the technical specifications set by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) so you can be sure your new website will be developed to the highest quality and standard.