SEO Features

We have spent considerable time understanding On Page SEO, or On Page Optimisation.   We design all our websites, eCommerce websites and our platform options to be as SEO friemdly as possible, by providing you editable areas within the website or eCommerce administration area, you will be able to tweak your target search terms and include them in the website in tried and tested areas for Google and other search engines to read. 

Some of the feaures include an auto updated XML site map, linked to your accounts within Google and other major search engines, this means when you upadate, add, or change a page the site map is updated and teh search engines know about it.

Other On Page SEO Features include:

  • Title Tags
  • Heading Tage
  • Meta Descriptions
  • SEO Freindly URL structures
  • Meta Tags (not used so much, but available)
  • 301 Page Redirects
  • 404 pages where required