SEO Website optimisation Services

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, so what does this mean in layman's terms? 

The term SEO is used when a web site or web page is optimised to enable it to appear within the natural listings of a search engine such as Google.  How a site is optimized has a massive influence on where within the search results your Website appears. The art is to get as many website pages to appear on page one (1) for a specific search word or phrase that a potential customer of products or services might search for. This in turn will directly influence the amount of traffic a site receives. 

We offer Search Engine Optimisation Services where any existing sites or new sites are optimised to give the best possible chance of ranking well.  Unless targeting with a very niche term with little competition then SEO is not a quick fix for obtaining large amounts of web site traffic.  Any SEO should be viewed as an on-going marketing activity.

What do we offer with our SEO Services?
Keyword Research
We can research your industry to help understand your target audience, the competition and then determine specific keywords that offer the highest return on investment.

Optimised Content
Our team can help with optimised content for some or all of your websites pages, product descriptions, categories etc.  Content is only one part of what search engines read and how it is structured and worded can have an impact.

Link Building
Gaining good quality links is an important factor in SEO for e-commerce. Our team will work with bst practices, understand your market and work on building legitimate, good quality links back ro your website.

Ethical Tactics
Like many industries, people and companies often try to find quick fix solutions and SEO is no different.  The search engines know this and are constantly changing.  In the world of SEO there are two strategies more commonly known as "White Hat" and "Black Hat" with Black Hat being the one to avoid, but often hard to spot until it's too late.   We don't use trickery and we keep up to date with what is happening, in order to stay ethical and provide a quality service.

Full Marketing Review
As part of our SEO packages we can provide full reviews, make recomendaions and of course continuallly improve your rankings.