Responsive Website Design

At Upshot Media we believe in great websites, quality designs and functional websites that work for our customers and their customers.  One of the important factors to consider nowadays is how websites are viewed.  With the increase in the use of mobiles, smartphones, tablets and so on, making sure your website can be viewed easily via these devices is important. There are well over 6 billion mobile phones in use and even more when you count tablets and other devices!

There are many advantages to having a responsive website such as:
  1. Your website will fit any screen
  2. Uncomplicated URLs, making SEO easier and sharing on social media easier
  3. Mobile and portable devices usage is exploding and visitor numbers overtaking PC usage
  4. Provides a better user experience
  5. Responsive adapts to future devices

Mobile website browsing will soon overtake desktop browsing so call us to ensure your website is ready!!

We can create "responsive website designs" for your website.

What does 'responsive' mean?  Responsive designs or Responsive website designs are set-up so that they are easier to read and navigate on portable devices and smaller screens, in some cases the navigation / structure of the website will change slightly in order for the navigation of the website between pages to be come easier.  



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The alternative to this is of course to have a decicated mobile theme created, which is displayed automatically via detection of the device being used.  To view more information click mobile website design.