About Paid on Results

We work with a number of partner companies who can offer services or solutions to help our customers improve their sales, marketing and ultimately their bottom line profits.

Affiliate Marketing is a very succesful marketing tool.

We have chosen Paid on Results as one of our partners

  • Launched in 2003, this makes us one of the UK's oldest Affi liate Networks
  • Industry leading technology
  • Strong position and awareness with Affi liates
  • Reputation for innovation, pioneering approaches and for taking ethical standpoints
  • Reliable and dependable platform, making us an attractive network for Affiliates
Paid On Results is recognised in the industry as one of the most technically advanced networks. Our straightforward approach, coupled with the personal touch of our account management team, really helps our clients to understand the nature of the market and maximise their potential.

Over the years Paid On Results has made landmark decisions as to what is ethically correct and to what would be considered best practice. In this we have an unequalled track record.

Responding quickly to industry changes and the needs of our partners has seen rapid implementation of new innovative technology which has proven Paid On Results to be creative, imaginative, fl exible and agile. This has led to Paid On Results continuing to have the most advanced platform available today.

Confidence and trust in an Affi liate Network is essential for success for any Merchant. Through our unrivalled payment model for Affi liates, a complete dedication and focus on Affi liate Marketing, together with Paid On Results posting profi ts each trading year gives our partners a level of trust and confi dence which is unsurpassed.

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