Website Design for Mobiles

An alternative to Responsive Website Design is the ability to create a different structure or feel for your website that is displayed to mobile users.   

Websites with lots of pages and categories can often be hard to navigate on mobile devices with small screens, even with "responsive designs", users often have to scroll in or out to read content or navigate through pages, categories and sub categories.

We can design both a dedicated mobile version of your website and/or responsive designs, we then add code to detect which devices are being used and then decide which versions of a website to display, as an example we might choose to load a responsive design on an iPad but a dedicated mobile design on an iPhone, this would be done as iPhones have smaller screen where as less zooming in and out would be required on the larger iPad screen.

Creating variations of websites, layouts and structures are all done to make it easier for your website visitors to find the information they need, which in turn will help visitors make decisions on buying or contacting your company for services.