High-performance managed cloud

We take our website hosting and security seriously and therefore host our customers websites with what we believe to be the UKs leading managed hosting provider. Our hosting partner provide a fully-managed, UK-based managed hosting solution.

Since 2004 we have experienced many levels of hosting services and variations in terms of the set-up and cost, working with our current partners who have a tailored and scalable approach to cloud hosting we are able to offer a cost effect yet reliable solution for our customers. Our team worked very closely with the hosting experts who have with decades of industry experience who understood our requirements and were able to meet our needs.

They offer very reliable hosting with a no single point of failure approach. The cloud hosting uses high-performance SSD drives making our cloud the fastest on the market. In addition the environment is scalable which means that the it is able to respond to increase in website traffic at peak periods, i.e. Black Friday events.

Lastly we and our host take security seriously, our host is the only cloud host offering Intrusion Prevention & DDoS Defence. They also have strict compliance policy includes accreditations such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Hosting & security features
SSL Certificates

We provide and install SSL certificates to all customers websites to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, and convey trust to users.


Nightly backups are performed by both our hosting company and Upshot Media, this allows us to restore earlier versions of a page, product of the website itself, should a need arise.

Content Delivery Network

We route our customers traffic via a global CDN which can improve website performance and also overall security.

Managed DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is managed by upshot media to ensure that all the relevant settings are implemented for smooth running of your website.

Anti DDoS

As standard with our hosting partner they include DDoS protection with every plan. DDos provides a level of detection, diversion, verification and forwarding to ensure total protection.

Extra-mile support

Our hosting provider of choice has a UK based support team, a truly dedicated team who are on hand to help us with any issues big or small. We’ve used a few over the last 14+ years and our current partners are by far the best we’ve seen for support and reliability. We do what were good at and leave the hardware and hosting to the experts.

High availability built-in

Using our partner enterprise cloud hosting we and you our customers have peace of mind for reliability and uptime. The host has high-availability platforms to ensure your websites server is running at optimal performance, at all times.

Server Patch Management

We don’t skimp on the hosting costs, as part of our managed service with our hosing provider we also have server and operating system patch management, this ensure smooth running of the servers as well as improved security as things are always kept up to date.

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