Branding Solutions

Whether you are a one man band, small business, large corporate or charity, having a brand is important.   You might not be a globally recognised brand but the identity you give is important all the same.

It is very easy to get it wrong and many companies do, it is also not unheard of for companies to re-brand.  This may be due to being bought out by a larger company or competitor, or because the business is changing and the original identity is no longer relevant, or your branding may just need tweaking to reflect the changes within the business.

As you start your business or implement marketing solutions to grow your existing business, your brand or corporate identity plays a key part and nowadays it can be seen in so many places.  Creating a memorable identity for your business is just one part of branding.  Designing something like your logo has also become more trickier as it now has to fit on headed paper, business cards, profile images on social media business pages, market places such as Amazon and eBay if selling products etc etc...

Offline marketing is still widely used and still works, so your identity may also appear in magazines on posters and more.

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