Tackling sales and admin tasks via your website

16/02/2021 - Booking System

Welcome to part 5 of Upshot Media’s guide to getting a good return on investment from your website. In this article we’re looking at ways to make your website work even harder.

Turn your website into a virtual salesperson
A good salesperson – whether they be face to face or telesales, has a way of building rapport with the customer, and making them feel at ease and more open to suggestion. Human sales people can answer questions, overcome objections and finally, ask for the sale.

A website isn’t human, but with carefully chosen content, it can showcase your products and services in a really positive way. In fact, in November 2020 36.2% of all UK retail sales in the UK were online. People are generally comfortable with using websites to buy products and services, but they still need to have the right information to guide them through the decision making process.

The decision making process has 5 steps:

  1. Identifying the problem (need recognition)
  2. Search for information
  3. Comparing the alternatives
  4. Buying decision
  5. Post-purchase Evaluation (will they buy again? Leave a good review?)

Use your website to support visitors through every stage of the sales process. Add informative articles, well worded product descriptions, customer testimonials, FAQ’s, video and images to turn visitors into buyers. Oh – and don’t forget that tone of voice is important. Writing website copy with a friendly tone of voice is a skill in itself – if you’re not sure, ask your website developer for advice.

Finally, encourage sales by making your booking system and/or your checkout process as secure and simple as possible.

Use clear calls to action
An important part of getting a good return on investment from your website is making it clear to visitors what steps they need to take in order to solve their problems.

As well as building clear navigation into the design, every page should have a strong call to action. Nice, bright buttons saying things like “click here to download our brochure” or “take a look at our portfolio” and, most importantly “Book now” or “Buy now”

Simple tools like this have been proven to improve return on investment.  Don’t believe me? This website, developed by Upshot Media uses a range of online tools to guide the customer journey and maximise conversions….and it works! The website’s owner, originally asked for a website to showcase her idea for a small business. However, since the website launch, her business has gone global.   Visit the Canine Hoopers World Website

Boost your ROI by letting your website take care of admin tasks
One more way to get a great ROI from your website is to automate it so that it takes care of administrative tasks too. Upshot Media can build in API’s to update your accounting software every time you receive an order. With each order, you could also send alerts to staff members, suppliers, your calendar etc, and you can automatically update stock levels.

Upshot Media’s websites and content management systems can all be tailored to help your business earn the best possible return on investment from your website. Contact us for more information.

Case Study

A prime example of a business website that offers a great return on investment is Arbour Landscape Solutions.  This business to business website, built and developed by Upshot Media, offers a wide range of custom built features to help customers through the buying journey. The owners report that their business has more than quadrupled its sales in the last 12 months and has an impressive conversion rate.  Read more here

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