App Design and Development


Have you ever wanted to be a chart topper? With the right Mobile Application you can make it to the top of the iPhone download charts. 

Whether you want an App for business, marketing, or you simply have an idea for an App that will generate thousands of downloads, Upshot Media are able to create an App for you that will achieve your objectives and give you the key to a whole new media platform.

A Smart Phone application is a must for leading brands. From a business perspective, applications allow you to communicate your brand message and present your products and services to any iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry user. All they have to do is download your application straight to their device. 

App's can also be developed for any purpose. If you have an idea for an App that you think will sell, Upshot Media will create an App for you that will showcase your vision in the way you intended.

Why do people pay for Apps?
  • Mobile Applications can offer specialist services to a niche market.
  • Customers have the ability to access data when they need it.
  • A virtually limitless possibility on the amount of content they can carry.
  • Having an Application can save customers time and provide a shared community experience.

Not only are people willing to pay for Apps, there is a large market for new iPhone Mobile Applications:

  • Billions of App downloads every year, over 2 billion in 2013.
  • There has been over 700 million Apple iOS devices sold.
  • Users downloading a constant flow of information and interactive platforms.

With an Upshot App, you could potentially reach over 40 million people!

Our highly skilled App Development Team have a real understanding of how Apps are developed as well as being commercially aware.

We not only understand what customers want to achieve but strive to add value and innovation in our ideas. We offer cost effective models to suit all requirements, large or small.